We help cryptocurrency investors with their personal tax

It’s our passion

The tax rules are complex.

When it comes to cryptocurrency investment, you need an expert.

At Crypto Accounts, we are passionate about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and ensuring all investors can safely and securely invest within the ATO rules.

We’ll guide you with regards to all things crypto and tax so you can ensure you’re managing your investments in the best possible way.

Crypto Accounts is established and managed by Angus Morrison. Angus is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent and all tax services are provided under Angus’s Tax Agent’s licence.

Angus is a keen cryptocurrency investor and believes that blockchain technology is currently in the process of transforming many industries, providing fantastic opportunities for investors using the right structures with the right advice.



The tax rules and case law relating to investments and trading are lengthy, detailed and complex. They govern whether you are a ‘trader’ or ‘investor’and how this affecst your tax.


& Business

Do you manage a business and either pay for or receive payment for goods or services with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency (crypto)?
If so, you will need to consider GST, valuing the transactions in Australian dollars and accounting for the transactions within your accounting system.


& Taxation

Investing in Bitcoin? Sitting on potential profits and want to understand the tax consequences of selling? We can show you how the ATO defines and treats Bitcoin and the subsequent tax implications for SMSF’s and Trusts.